Energy Awareness and Will Power

We are made of energy. Becoming aware of our energy; learning to direct it at will; and understanding the laws that attract a greater flow of energy, are all essential parts of living a happier life. Spiritual teacher Swami Kriyananda said, “There is no limit to the energy that we can draw from the Universe for […]

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What is Spirituality?

A great teacher once said, that “spirituality is anything that uplifts us.” Swami Kriyananda said, “Spirituality is a free-flowing thing.” If we take these statements into our hearts, then we may for the first time see spirituality as whatever it is in life that makes us a better person, makes us live in more joy […]

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Spiritual Bucket List

Most of us have probably heard of “bucket lists” and are even beginning to hear about “YOLOs” (YOLO-you only live once). These lists help us focus on the changes we want to make in life and how to achieve them. Creating a bucket list made up of spiritual goals helps us to achieve our highest aspirations. Making a […]

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I Remember Bliss

I remember Bliss, Immortal flames of Bliss, Piercing every cell of my being, Purifying my heart of all desires, My mind of all restlessness, My soul of all pains. Bliss, Bliss, immortal flames of all-pervading bliss. Consumed. My tears. My frame. My all. In oneness with Thee.   Inspired by the poem, Samadhi, by Paramhansa […]

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