Calming the Body and Mind

How do we calm the body and mind? We know that learning to relax is good for our health and we know that feeling more calmness is good for our mental health, but how do we go about it? Step by step we must learn how to integrate new practices and techniques that are proven to relax our […]

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How Does Creativity Raise Consciousness?

Creativity is powerful and transformative. Throughout history the arts have been known to change human consciousness; to motivate and inspire positive change in the world. However, in today’s society, creativity is often undervalued. In the educational systems, students are often asked to memorize formulas and practice logical thinking, without being taught how to be creative […]

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How to Deepen Your Relationships

Through deepened friendships and relationships, we can become expansive, let go of limitations, and feel connected to those whom we touch in this life. “The treasure of friendship is your richest possession.” —Paramhansa Yogananda. How to Deepen Friendships: 1) Develop trust. We must trust that if we open ourselves up and give kindness and love to […]

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