Swami Kriyananda

Swami Kriyananda with a smile and glow. [www.swamikriyananda.org]Swami Kriyananda’s life was no less than heroic. He was a man whose heart was filled with deep love for all, and whose mind was concentrated one-pointedly on serving as a channel for the Divine, and awakening people to their highest potential.

Born into this world on May 19, 1926, Swami Kriyananda lived an immensely fruitful 86 years. His time on earth was spent writing spiritual books (of which he wrote about one hundred fifty), composing and writing uplifting music, touring throughout four continents offering hope, guidance, and inspiration through his lectures

Kriyananda is also the founder of seven Ananda World Brotherhood communities, spiritual communities based upon the two principles: 1) people are more important than things, and 2) where there is right action, there lies victory. In “A Celebration of Swami Kriyananda’s Life,” Devi Novak touches upon the depth of Kriyananda’s influence:

[Swami Kriyananda] took the words, the yearning of our souls, that we didn’t know could be expressed, and he gave it words; he gave it melody; he gave it community, so that we knew that what we always believed was true, was true. And he gave us a way… to find God, and to share Him with all.

The combination of Swami Kriyananda’s accomplishments are, as one of his students, Jyotish Novak put it, “staggering. Amazing.” Those told above are but a few of the accomplishments that he made; not to mention the honors and awards. Those things, however, meant nothing to him. The most important thing to Swami Kriyananda was his discipleship to his great spiritual guru, Paramhansa Yogananda. Everything he did was in service and in love to that soul, and, through that, in service and in love to the millions of people whose life he touched.

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