In Case of Emergency

Are you ready for what’s to come? It’s a question I am asking myself as I hear shots outside my front door today in downtown Davis. A “suspect” is still at large four hours later — with patrolling police in Kevlar helmets, rifles and bulletproof jackets patrolling the surrounding blocks and creating a secure zone […]

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The Power of Positivity

“That looks like a good book!” I said as I walked past a young man reading, The Power of Positive Thinking. His face lit up as he shared how much the book was helping him. We agreed that now, more than ever, people need more positivity in their life. And the book was serving as a […]

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The Inner Reward

There is a general feeling that the outer reward is the ultimate reward. When in truth, no matter what energy we put out, this outer reward may never come. Sometimes the greatest reward will come to us on the inside. This inner reward can be felt in meditation as joy or the deepest calm we’ve […]

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