In Case of Emergency

Are you ready for what’s to come? It’s a question I am asking myself as I hear shots outside my front door today in downtown Davis.

Davis shooting downtown January 10, policewoman killed

A “suspect” is still at large four hours later — with patrolling police in Kevlar helmets, rifles and bulletproof jackets patrolling the surrounding blocks and creating a secure zone with us next to the center where it started.

At first there were just flashing lights, my husband, Yogesh, in the car of our driveway, as more units came onto the scene. I heard a long round of shots. Then another. It didn’t stop as I thought it would. The energy was building.

Suddenly a policeman speeding in his car arrived on the scene, jumped out and ran into the street right by the fire station out front of our family’s apartment. Swarms of sirens and geared up individuals continued to arrive.

I stood alone at the door with my toddler Arati clinging to me — not knowing what’s wrong but feeling afraid.

I finally paused to reflect at how so many people must feel when facing a natural disaster or a moment of mass panic, especially during a shooting such as this. Wanting to know what’s happening but not knowing. Separated from loved ones. Hearing the K-9 units outside our front door and what looks to be the national guard and now a swat team in little Davis. Davis shooting Jan 10 downtown davis shutdown, swat and national guard arrive on scene to help with manhunt

It is in times like this that our courage and inner strength is tested in the fires of daily life. It is in moments such as this that we look to the saints and sages who, with deep wisdom, burn up the delusion of fear and suffering, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, soaring upwards towards freedom in God.

Tonight was a good reminder of how blessed we are to have the path of yoga and the practice of meditation to help us remain grounded despite the chaos that surrounds us…To help us return to a state of inner peace.

Ultimately, as the great yoga master Paramhansa Yogananda encouraged us, to be #evenmindedandcheerful at all times #yogananda #thatisthewayoftheyogi #yoga-inspiration #yogaquotes … See more Yogananda quotes here.

It’s times like this where we must ask ourselves, “What does the future hold?”

There may be worse events to come as chaos and darkness will always be present in an increasingly populated world. But we have fortunately been given the tools to help us be strong and get through obstacles such as this evening. As the great Himalayan yogi Babaji once said to a truth seeker, “I am not here to stop the darkness, I am here to strengthen the light.”

We, who are earnestly seeking, have the choice to become a channel for that light.

I highly recommend watching a video by Swami Kriyananda called Economic Collapse or listening/watching this chapter of his book, The Road Ahead:

In addition, it is good practice to sign up for apps that give you emergency alerts in real time like Code Red or ones through your local county or university, in our case UC Davis WarnMe and Yolo County.

A word of thanks: I am so grateful for all of the officers, paramedics and firefighters who give their lives everyday to help communities and the way they selflessly serve. #thankyouforyourservice

Let’s also take a moment to send a healing prayer to all those helping the situation or whatever situation you know of in your life in need of such healing. Update: Sadly, the event took place after a young policewoman was shot, and eventually she did pass away last night. The shooter later took his life after being confined until 1am in a house across the street. It would be helpful to send prayers to both of these souls.

I am also grateful for the yoga and meditation practices available to help us find #innerpeace and regain balance after such a striking moment.


Life is a journey for which the goal is to find freedom in God. (Inspiration from the Festival of Light.)

#bethechange. #doyourpart on the journey of life and #chooselight and continue all you do to #serveothers in your own way.

#writinghelpsmeheal  #thankyouforlistening


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