You Can Serve the World <3 Happy New Years 2018 #Resolutions

Happy New Year and Happy 2018 from For Joy We Live (Kalamali and Yogesh Lee)! We hope you are off to a great start and that you are feeling the blessings of new beginnings and resolve to accomplish something big for yourself this year.

New Years Resolutions are great for our own momentum, but they also have the power to help other people.

A resolution can be an act of service to heal yourself, to empower yourself, to be a greater version of yourself #self-development 🙂 And whatever we do for self-improvement—to set an intention and our sights on success—we uplift ourselves with that generation of positive momentum. It’s a form of energy that ripples out from our hearts—our center—and goes outward, positively affecting others it touches. Our inner world has the power to transform the outer world we live in…

Another beautiful thing to remember this year as you set out to achieve greatness is that we can serve the world no matter where we are…

Whether we serve others in a big way or a little way– it all matters. It all has an impact. Even sometimes in ways that we think may not matter, like checking someone out at the store or giving our child attention when they need it. These are opportunities to begin to spread the positivity that is so needed all around us.

It is important to let go of fear this year, as we embrace change and opportunities to let go of the past, and release a better version of ourselves into the future. We must realize that we do not have to fear failure when we open our hearts to serving others. We can let go of the need to be perfect and just try something here and now.

Every little thing can be transformed into an opportunity to share with others a positive feeling or moment.

Especially, it is important to share the message that we can do something to serve others—to serve the world.

Be the positive voice in a room full of disharmony, be the positive post when all the other online chatter is complaining. Be the one to give the first donation to a good cause. Be the one to reach out and give a helping hand to someone in need. Be someone’s guardian angel. Sing a song. Smile with your eyes. Do whatever you can to clean out the old and make way for the new. Be the change in your community. Let go of old hurts. Make the first call. Forgive. Love. Be kind. Share joy.

It is the consciousness that we are putting out that really matters, and it’s what makes even the littlest acts so important.

Let us take this thought into 2018 and see it as the year where we give something greater of ourselves and to those around us.

Wishing you all a happy new year and many blessings.



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