The Peace and Harmony Prayer of Paramhansa Yogananda

Many of us will find ourselves at one point or another in life when we experience interpersonal conflict. Perhaps between ourselves and another individual, or perhaps we know of loved ones struggling with others. Regardless of how this conflict manifests, we know that such times are in need of healing and resolution.

The peace and harmony prayer of Paramhansa Yogananda is an effective tool for anyone experiencing conflict or anyone who knows someone who needs help in a difficult interpersonal situation. 

I’ve used the peace and harmony prayer in many, many difficult and seemingly impossible situations, and from my own direct experience, now have faith in its power and effectiveness. I hope that sharing it with others will encourage each of us to “test it in the laboratory of our own lives.” -P. Yogananda

Most often, I practice the peace and harmony prayer in my partnership, at work, and with family members. I usually bring it into my morning meditations, when the energy is most fresh and my aspirations for the day are strongest.

One experience with the prayer stands out to me most clearly… I went with my father to visit his sister–my aunt–in North Carolina. We were going because my grandfather (their father) was recovering from a stroke. Before we arrived, they had already started arguing and were at ends with one another. There was a feeling of distrust around all things being said, and a feeling of inequality in the responsibilities of care for my grandfather.

Each day, the tension felt more and more uncomfortable. I often found myself in the middle of things, getting my own feelings hurt when arguments between my aunt and dad crept into my own conversations with one of them.

I went to bed one night, praying for guidance on what to do next, and the thought came:

“Practice the Peace and Harmony Prayer.”

After practicing this prayer that night–and the next morning–I saw results beginning to manifest. Not only were both parties trying harder to get along (each secretly admitting this to me), but they also began to express levels of healing on many of the family issues and childhood experiences that led up to this very moment of tumult. I even noticed in myself, the ability to take things more lightly, and not to feel too sensitive or hurt when they raised their voices with each other and then at me.

By the end of the trip, everyone was able to be friendly to one another. My aunt even spoke of how she looked forward to our next visit!

It felt like a wave of light had gone into each of their hearts, and healed them from within.

The next time you want to manifest more peace and harmony with any situation, environment, or soul friend, you may want to try practicing this simple prayer.

You can place it on your bathroom mirror or bedside table; anywhere to remind yourself to practice often. Yogananda said that doing this prayer 5 times a day, practically, never fails. (“Do this 5 times a day — 3 or 4 times might work, but 5 times practically never fails.”)

Instead of ruminating over painful interpersonal situations, you empower yourself to find a solution by switching your mind over to the practice of healing prayer.

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Paramhansa Yogananda

How to Do the Peace and Harmony Prayer of Yogananda:

Sit quietly, close your eyes, and mentally repeat on each of your fingers (10 times total / about 1 min) the phrase:

Lord, fill [insert name(s) of parties in need ] with peace and harmony, peace and harmony.

Example: Lord, fill my aunt and dad with peace and harmony, peace and harmony.


Lord, fill my family with peace and harmony, peace and harmony.

Visualize the person(s) in light as you pray.

And then, if you too are affected by the conflict, mentally repeat on one hand (5 times / 15 seconds), the phrase:

“Lord, fill me with peace and harmony, peace and harmony.”

Visualize yourself in light as you pray.

May you be filled with peace and harmony. AUM. Peace. Amen.

Become a channel for light and peace to spread over this world: Share this prayer with others you know by re-pinning or downloading and sharing online:

Yogananda Peace and Harmony Prayer - Learn how to do the prayer and share it with others. #peace #harmony []



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