What is Spirituality?

A great teacher once said, that “spirituality is anything that uplifts us.” Swami Kriyananda said, “Spirituality is a free-flowing thing.”

If we take these statements into our hearts, then we may for the first time see spirituality as whatever it is in life that makes us a better person, makes us live in more joy and laughter, or raises our consciousness.

This meaning of spirituality is the inspiration for this blog. Our hope is that it be place to share with others useful and practical teachings for living a more spiritual life. 

It is about how we can achieve more joy, how we can each access our individual center of creativity, how we can lead a healthier life, and how we can be of greater service to our human family through self discovery and positive growth.

Let us lead a more spiritual life all ways and always, and transform it for the better. Let us be open up to new ideas so that we may experience for ourselves how this can truly take place, step by step.

Next Steps:


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