Swami Kriyananda Quotes

“To perfect love is to know the secrets of the Universe.”

“The more you share with others, the more you will receive in life the blessing of abundance.”

“What you do is not important. It’s the way in which you do it.”

“Love all men. If not for themselves (many human traits, after all, are in themselves not lovable!), then for the pure joy of giving love.”

“If you want to do one good thing in the world, the best thing you can do is give other people joy.”

“See every problem as an opportunity. Whenever you demolish the obstacles before you, your power for ultimate victory will increase.”

“Make it a point, today, to laugh at least three times from your heart. Such laughter is the strongest antidote for disease, depression, and corroding sorrow of every kind.”

“Be ever restful in your heart. A quiet spirit will help you instantly to resolve problems that might otherwise require days, weeks, or even months of fretful pondering.”

“Loving is your Nature. It is a joy to love. You are happier when you love.”

“True happiness is not the fruit of years of painful struggle and anxiety. It is a long succession, rather, of little decisions simply to be happy in the moment.”

“Self-trust is the first secret of success, the belief that the universe put you here for your cause.“

“The opportunity to give is the opportunity we should be most grateful for of all.”

“When in doubt give your Love.”

See aphorisms on happiness and living life “Images of Wisdom” by Nayaswami Jaya, Ananda Sangha Worldwide.

More about Swami Kriyananda.

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