De-Stress Your Body, De-Stress Your Mind

A stressed out body makes you feel fatigue, anxiety, or depressed. When we are inflamed we feel irritated, lack peacefulness, and often feel impatient. De-stressing your body and mind requires a combination of actively managing your stress levels while doing what you can to reduce the excess stress caused by inflammatory foods.

So what are the symptoms of an inflamed body?

Acne, stomach aches, indigestion, diarrhea, asthma, weight gain, and ulcers– all due to chronic stress in your body that begins to affect the intestinal tract. And because most of your immune system is in your intestinal tract, when your body’s natural defense system is down due to inflammation, you are also more likely to have viruses, bacteria infections, or problems with fungus or yeast overgrowth like candida.

In addition, if you don’t do what you can to prevent inflammation, you are more likely to feel fatigued, depressed or anxious– symptoms due to living in a chronic stress response that negatively affect your state of mind!

So what is an example of a proper anti-inflammatory diet?

Science has proven that all cells–including those in the food we eat– vibrate differently at the molecular level. This means that the different vibrations of molecules that make up a food can have varying influences on our body and brain cells according to their vibrational quality. That means that if you are eating lots of low, vibrational type foods– you will not be consuming very positive vibrations in your body and mind. Thus, eating foods that have qualities that are more activating and excitable, or that were made by animals in unsafe or anxiety-provoking conditions, will be reflected in your own body and mind.

Additionally, “like attracts like” works energetically at the vibrational level of food as well. For example, when you observe how you feel when choosing what to eat– you may find that you are naturally drawn to foods or drinks that “fit” your current energy level. When you are feeling healthy, energetic, and in great spirits, you are not as “attracted” to junk food or fast food as when you are already feeling down or tired.

So how to incorporate the vibrational energy of food at the cellular level into your diet to help you feel better mentally as well as physically? By eating more natural, vibrant foods like raw fruits, vegetables, and nuts that are most easily absorbed by the body and filled with high-quality energy (from being filled with the most sunshine). These types of foods will naturally have a more strengthening and positive effect on the mind.

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Aloe Vera

In addition, rice, legumes, seeds, soy products, fish, aloe vera juice*, and herbs like basil, parsley, and arugula are all also recommended. *Aloe vera juice is especially helpful when stress and inflammation are at their worst. It does on the inside of the body what it does to treat burns on the outside– cooling and healing of the tissue just in the intestinal tract.

You will also want to avoid or at least greatly reduce your intake of inflammatory foods like alcohol, caffeinated beverages, sugar, red meat, wheat (or all gluten), dairy, soda (too acidic)—especially! And spicy foods in moderation.

Once the energy is freed up from eating more healthfully– inflammation will go down. You can then observe the resulting health effects from having a clean, more purified, “cooled” and relaxed body. You may even see these effects reflected as more clear eyes, healthier face and skin, and weight loss. And you may begin to feel more peaceful and calm, patient, and become full of natural, vibrant energy!

If you can begin to make the necessary positive steps in your life to live more peacefully and stress-free– not only would you be able to feel better physically, but also mentally and spiritually.

Together let’s make a commitment to do all that we can to allow ourselves the right energy, health, and state of mind to do great in the world!

If you feel inspired, share this article with loved ones or those you know experiencing problems with inflammation or chronic stress. Let’s make the first step of positive change today.

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