How to Fight Fatigue Naturally

We all want to know ways to fight fatigue throughout our busy days, so why not find a way to do it naturally? By using the following yogic tips, you can learn how to raise your energy using will power, mindfulness, and positivity.  

You have the power to become more joyful and enthusiastic by willfully changing the direction of your energy, without the use of caffeine or energy drinks.

If you are wondering how energy affects the way you feel, here is an example of how emotions can change the direction and movement of energy in the body:

Think about how a child acts when they are happy–their energy rises so they look up more, they have inspired and confident thoughts, they may raise their arms, jump up and down with a feeling of lightness. And when they are sad– their energy travels downward–they look toward the floor, slump their shoulders, and have a heaviness about them. Expressions in our language also support this idea of energy and emotions– “downcast mood”, “I could soar/fly with joy,” “what a downer,” “jump for joy,” etc.

Think about how you feel when you have energy? What is that brings you to this state? How can you achieve this state at will– whenever you need it?

Have you noticed the difference between the state of energy you get after drinking a cup of coffee versus the state of joyful and inspired energy that comes from within you? This is the type of energy you want, and to be able to access it at any time.

There are many ways that you can manipulate your energy to access an upward flow of energy to feel more joyful, enthusiastic, creative, and kind. 

One of the simplest things you can do is to smile more! Just the physical movement of a smile has the power to change your attitude from a negative one to a positive one. The muscles in our face when turned upward in a smile are recognized by the brain as a reaction to a positive event. So even if you only make yourself smile, the body will read the message sent by the facial muscles to the brain as positive feedback, and tell your mind it must be happy.

Even if the only thing you practice after reading this blog is smiling more, then that is in itself a powerful way to change!

Another beautiful and simple exercise that can re-channel your energy upward is placing your arms above your head. You can do this by stretching or jumping with your arms high above. During this movement you can add an encouraging affirmation or positive visualization.

An example of a good stretch that involves this movement is the full yogic breath. It is a wonderful practice that you can incorporate into your morning routine for a great hamstring and lower back stretch. This is especially good for preventing back pain for those sitting for long periods of time at work.

To complete the full yogic breath, begin with your hands in namaste or prayer position over your heart. This will center and focus your energy to begin the practice of yoga. On your next inhalation, bring your arms up above your head by keeping them parallel to your spine with hands touching. While reaching upwards toward the sky, feel all your energy rise upwards affirm that you are full of thankfulness, love, joy and any other positive emotions you need to bring forth in this day. Exhale and bring the arms now down the body until you are folded over completely and touching or reaching toward your toes. You may want to keep a slight bend in the knees and let your belly slightly rest on your thighs to help release any left over tension in your lower back. As you go downward visualize and affirm that you are letting go of any tension, worries, anxieties, sadness, or other negative feelings.

Another great yoga exercise to do for raising your energy are the energization exercises developed by Paramhansa Yogananda. They are a series of tensing and relaxing exercises that use your own body weight to develop strength and muscle, as well as using your will to redirect your energy upwards. They have profound healing affects on the body, mind, and soul. Effects include regulating digestion and elimination, preventing the common cold and fighting bacterial infections, lifting depression and moodiness, healing weak tissue, and improving respiratory function. It is like taking the electric currents in your body and positively directing them to each part of your body.

Below is a video that you can watch with detailed instructions on how to perform these exercises. Click here to see our detailed instructions. 

Meditation is another fabulous way to lift your spirits. Studies show that people who meditate over time gain a better sense of humor, feel more compassionate toward others, and become kinder and more generous. Wow! To learn how to meditate click here.

And lastly, doing what you love or are passionate about is another great way to raise your spirits. If you feel like getting creative with art or music, if you want to go for a walk in nature, or if you love going to work and serving others– be sure to do these things. Spending time doing what you care about is always a wonderful way to feel good.

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