How Does Creativity Raise Consciousness?

Creativity is powerful and transformative. Throughout history the arts have been known to change human consciousness; to motivate and inspire positive change in the world.

However, in today’s society, creativity is often undervalued. In the educational systems, students are often asked to memorize formulas and practice logical thinking, without being taught how to be creative and original thinkers. In schools, the music and art programs are often the first to be cut. Standardized test preparation begins at an earlier age, and so there is less time for play and imagination. 

This system is a reflection of how society believes people will achieve success. Yet true success comes from learning skills that teach open-mindedness, imagination, calmness, focus and attention–a skill like creativity.

In addition, creativity through the practice of art, music, writing, poetry, or dance are healing to the body, mind, and spirit. They are a form of relaxation and expression that is often ignored. Yet being creative has beneficial health effects– it reduces physical and mental stress, and it helps open our hearts and explore a deeper, more spiritual side of ourselves. 

To be creative, we must do what inspires us, and from there we can be original in our expression. For some people this may mean going into nature to watch the sunset or listening to the sounds in the peaceful quiet. For others it may be spending time with someone you love or doing something that gives you joy.

It may mean finally taking musical lessons for a new instrument or joining an arts and crafts class. The beautiful thing is that there are so many ways to explore your creative side, and there is more than one way to feel inspired.

I am usually inspired while reading spiritual books. When I feel really connected to a certain idea or phrase I write it down on a piece of paper and start drawing whatever I feel in my heart. Then I post it on the wall and see my inspirational reminder whenever I walk by.

Sometimes, you just need to sit down and start writing or drawing how you feel and let go. You may have to take the time to wake up the creative side of your brain, so just have fun with it and be patient. Don’t judge the process or block the creative flow of energy and inspiration. Just practice being mindful and in the present moment, and re-learn your creativity.

For resources on holistic educational system (Education for Life) that focus on joyful learning and creativity click here.

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